Gender Equality Plans of Actions for Migrant Women

According to United Nations Women, discrimination is rampant against roughly half of the world’s 272 million migrants – female migrants. Gender stereotypes especially in domestic and care work, largely affects the quality of lives of migrant women around the world. Discrimination against women and migrants comes in an intersection and limit women’s autonomy and decision-makingContinue reading Gender Equality Plans of Actions for Migrant Women

La pandémie et l’inégalité de genre

La pandémie de COVID-19 a touché les femmes plus que les hommes. En général, il parait que les travaux domestiques et la garde des enfants sont encore les travaux des femmes plus souvent que des hommes. Bien, le gouvernement a créé des programmes pour aider les gens en général, mais c’est les femmes qui restent chez eux plus souvent, selon lesContinue reading “La pandémie et l’inégalité de genre”

Sustaining the One Percent

By: Janki Gupta Wealth inequality is at an all time high. 82% of the wealth created in 2017 went to the richest one percent of the global population. The global impacts of neoliberalism and this wealth polarisation can be seen in almost every social sphere and have been the subject of widespread social scientific study.Continue reading “Sustaining the One Percent”

Life during COVID-19 Furthers Arguments for Guaranteed Livable Income

By Tessa Martel  What is a Guaranteed Livable Income? What is a guaranteed livable income (GLI)? Well, there are many different types of guaranteed livable income. Basic Income Canada Network explains that “a basic income ensures that everyone can meet basic needs and live with dignity regardless of their work status. It is unconditional incomeContinue reading “Life during COVID-19 Furthers Arguments for Guaranteed Livable Income”

Dress Code Discrimination in the Workplace

By: Taylor Bain Questions around what is “appropriate” for women to wear are pervasive, especially when it comes to the workplace. Dress codes, a tool that allows employers to determine what is “appropriate,” are one area in particular that expose workers to sex- and gender-based discrimination.  In Ontario, dress codes must comply with the OntarioContinue reading “Dress Code Discrimination in the Workplace”

Your Story Matters.

The summer before law school, I attended a music festival where I ran into former Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin. In awe, I asked her, “What advice do you have for success in law school?” Her answer: “Look for the story behind the case.” As someone who was going to law school because of the ways the system hadContinue reading “Your Story Matters.”

Intersectionality and Kimberlé Crenshaw

By: Isabelle Santerre When I first became interested in feminism, I was astounded at the variety of feminist movements that existed. However, one day in one of my political science classes, I was introduced to the term “intersectionality” and it forever changed my perception of feminism and social justice movements.  Intersectionality was coined over 30 yearsContinue reading “Intersectionality and Kimberlé Crenshaw”