Other feminist resources and allies:

At UofO:

  • OUTlaw
    La mission d’OUTLaw est de créer un espace sécuritaire pour les étudiant(e)s en droit de l’Université d’Ottawa qui s’identifient comme étant 2SLGBTQ+, ainsi que pour leurs paires. C’est un espace où ils/elles peuvent s’engager dans des discussions, créer un réseau de support et promouvoir l’éducation de leurs paires au sein de la communauté scolaire en droit.
    OUTLaw’s mission is to create a safe space for 2SLGBTQ+ identified University of Ottawa law students and their allies where they can engage in discussion, network, and promote awareness within the law school community; a place where all students can come together to explore the ways in which the lives of 2SLGBTQ+ identified persons are affected by, and intersect with, the law, the legal profession, and legal education.

    Twitter: http://twitter.come/uottawaoutlaw
    Instagram: @uottawaoutlaw
  • BLSA
    Our Mission:
    • Support Black Law Students
      BLSA Ottawa is committed to creating academic and professional development opportunities for Black students in order to promote diversity and inclusion within law school and the legal profession. We are proud to host various events and provide multiple opportunities for networking and mentorship, as we assist our members in achieving their professional goals in the legal field.
    • Build Community
      BLSA Ottawa hosts social events throughout the year to form and build a strong Black community at the University of Ottawa. We collaborate with multiple Black student groups such as the UOttawa Black Medical Students Association, the Black Student Leaders Association, and the Concordia Black Student Alliance to host events and tackle various initiatives. Most importantly, we seek to strengthen the relationship between the Common Law and Civil Law sections of Fauteux Hall.
    • Spread Awareness & Educate
      We will soon be entering the legal system as lawyers, leaders, and agents of change. So we, as moral actors, must apply the principles and the rule of law to ensure that the system is just for all. We have the power to make real change by educating ourselves and spreading awareness regarding the racism and discrimination that exists in our legal system.

      2020-2021 Executive Committee
      – Co-Presidents: Chanèle Couture & Elizabeth Adeseha
      – VP Finance: Destieny Burton
      – VP Communications: Shenille Lewis
      – VP Mentorship & Community Outreach: Edwina Mayama
      – VP Academic Affairs: TBD
      – VP Francophone: Stacy Makuraza
      – VP Social Affairs: Ralitsa Harding
      – Moot Coordinator: Nicole Beausoleil
      – 1L Representative: Wiliston Mason (E) & Gabrielle Saint-Juste (F)

      Linkedin: Black Law Students’ Association, University of Ottawa
      Twitter: @BlsaOttawa
      Instagram: @Blsa_Ottawa
  • Elephant in the Room
    The mandate of our club is to educate students and facilitate conversations on campus that seek to destigmatize mental health in creative and engaging ways. Our purposes in doing so are as follows:
    • To educate and inform students about the stigma associated with mental illness
    • To help change and remove the existing negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours
      towards mental health.
    • To create a safe space where individuals feel comfortable in sharing their personal issues to their colleagues and professors. This safe space will be created by:
      1) Selling blue elephants, which symbolize a safe place to talk about mental
      illness without feeling afraid or that they will be thought less of; and
      2) Holding events, in conjunction with the AECLSS, inviting students and professors to openly speak about their personal and mental health issues.
  • —————————–
    Le mandat de notre club est de permettre aux étudiants d’en apprendre davantage à propos des enjeux liés à santé mentale tout en favorisant le discours cherchant à les déstigmatiser de façon créative et stimulante. Nos buts sont les suivants
    • D’éduquer et d’informer les étudiants sur le stigma associé aux troubles de santé mentale;
    • D’aider à changer et à éliminer les attitudes et croyances négatives concernant la santé mentale;
    • De créer un environnement sécuritaire où les gens se sentent confortable de partager leurs problèmes personnels avec leurs collègues et leurs professeurs. Cet environnement sécuritaire sera créé:
      1) En vendant des éléphants bleus qui symbolisent un environnement sécuritaire pour discuter de troubles de santé mentale sans peur d’être jugé ou stigmatisé;
      2) En organisant des évènements invitant les étudiants et les professeurs à parler ouvertement à propos des troubles de santé mentale auxquels ils ont dûs faire face.

      Twitter: @EITR_uOttawaLaw
      Instagram: @eitr_uottawalaw
  • WLMP
    The WLMP’s mission statement is: “The Women’s Legal Mentorship Program’s (WLMP) mission is to dismantle the systemic barriers facing all self-identified women (which includes LGBTQI2S, non-binary and BIPOC self-identified womxn) within the Canadian legal profession through integrative intersectional feminist mentorship, equity and leadership.”

    Twitter: @WLMP_PMDF
    Instagram: @wlmp_pmdf
    Sign up for Spark (WLMP’s e-newsletter) thru their website at:

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