My Korean Identity & Feminism

By: Julia Yunji Chung  “Are you one of those?” “Those?” “You know…I think it’s called feminist or something?” The concept of feminism is foreign, almost strange, to my Korean mother who grew up in an extremely patriarchal society and household. Having an older sister and a younger brother, my mother was the middle child of herContinue reading “My Korean Identity & Feminism”

Working Towards Gender Equality in the Legal Profession

By: Renée Taillieu  la version française suit October is Women’s History Month in Canada. October 18 will mark 91 years since the decision in Edwards v Canada (AG), the “Persons Case” whereby the Famous Five finally succeeded in their fight for women to be included in the legal definition of “persons.” It feels like we’ve comeContinue reading “Working Towards Gender Equality in the Legal Profession”